Credit Bureau and How You Can Make a Claim

Maintaining a healthy credit history is very important when applying for a loan. Although there are loans without a bureau, keeping your finances healthy will help you obtain better payment terms, go to the Credit Bureau and review it

To know your history you can download your Special Credit Report directly on the Credit Bureau or Credit Circle page. You can download it once a year for free, then it will cost $ 35.60 pesos per query.

If you do not agree with any information that is shown, you have the right to make two free claims per year. This will help you avoid problems in the future when you decide to get more credits or loans.

If you exceed the number of claims per year, each one will cost $ 89 pesos. Here we tell you how it works and how you can file a claim.

How does it work?

How does it work?

When making a claim in the Credit Bureau, a notification is sent to the grantor of the loan (it can be a bank, telephone company or Sofom). Once the request is made, you will receive a response within a maximum of 29 days. During this period, the legend “Impugned record” will appear on your report.

In case the answer is not satisfactory, you can attach a Declarative in the report. That is, include a maximum of 1,000 words, the reason why you are not happy with the answer.

How to file a claim in the Credit Bureau?

How to file a claim in the Credit Bureau?

Making a claim on a loan is very simple and you can do it completely online. Before doing it, make sure that in fact the information that is shown is incorrect.

# 1 Go to the credit bureau page and select “Claims” from the menu. You must complete the information requested as information to authenticate, data to claim and modifications.

# 2 You will have to attach some documents in the application:

Copy of your credit report (no more than 90 days)

Official identification (in copy), it can be your voter card or passport.

Documentation that endorses your claim (if any)

Remember that many financial institutions, department stores, service companies and even landlords, consult your Credit Bureau. Keep your record healthy and get better benefits when applying for financing.

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