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Unfortunately, even though you may well have a creditworthy income as a consumer during the probationary period, this is not enough to secure that credit. This is not due to the amount of income, but the fact that this is achieved during the probationary period. More of this story:

Many banks are deterred by the fact that an employment relationship during the probationary period can be terminated at any time without giving any conclusive reasons. However, a loan is only possible if the employment relationship is unlimited. In any case, at the banks, which do their business through a branch system. It looks different with online offers. Here is more likely to take an online business loan during the probationary period.

The credit protection decides

The credit protection decides

Value despite the probationary period can not or will not give up an online business loan during the probationary period, which should try to collate sufficient collateral in advance. Thus, the lender will ask for a co-applicant, who secures the loan by his fixed income, which he draws in an equally solid employment relationship.

Only in this way can the lender ensure that the monthly installments can be paid on a possible termination of employment during the probationary period. A guarantor would also be possible in this case. Depending on the amount of credit, the lender will decide what kind of security he wants.

The possibilities of an online business loan in the probationary period

The possibilities of an online loan in the probationary period

In the case of an on-line loan during the probationary period, the lender will usually only allow a small loan amount, as this will be an exceptional case. Due to the uncertainties involved in the probationary period, further guarantees will be demanded.

It would be unwise in this context to take out a loan without private credit. The interest and fees are so high that this would not be worthwhile. Especially not if you can name a co-applicant. In addition, the probationary period is limited, so even after the loan is still another can be taken. Provided that the smaller amount you might have got from the probationary period should not be enough.

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